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11 Schools, One 'Cac

Eph alum playing professional soccer in Kabul

Another Trophy For The NESCAC Case

Last year, I sent an article about being a Division III athlete to In The ‘Cac. I wrote about how–regardless of the size of the crowds at our games, lack of scholarships or the overall perception of what it means to play DIII sports–we had the same pride, respect and love for our sports as anyone. It was a feel good article.

This is not a feel good article. This is a bragging, in your face, we’re better than you article. This is about winning, and without a single Charlie Sheen reference, besides the one.  This article should now probably be checked for diseases.


In the NFL, college tactics emerging

The Redskins and Seahawks also used zone-read plays and Pistol sets to make the playoffs this season. Atlanta was able to defeat Seattle — though not contain its offense — because the Falcons had a bye and an extra week to prepare for college tactics, and knew they would get the Washington-Seattle winner. At Atlanta, Seattle’s offense came within 8 seconds of victory and making it two college wins out of four divisional games. Meanwhile New England was using its very-quick-snap offense, inspired by the Blur Offense at Oregon and the quick-snap pace employed at the University of Houston or, for that matter, in the New England Small College Athletic Conference around the corner from Bill Belichick’s office.”

From ESPN  courtesy of @showmeurbobbys

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