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11 Schools, One 'Cac


The nominations are in! 

Colby College Ends Support of Club Rugby

Repent, or Play?

Midd students remove 9/11 memorial, rest of campus outraged

Conn Alum Brings Documentary Film to Kickstarter

Eph alum playing professional soccer in Kabul

A mid-summer list of ways to avoid your friends at home

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Summer On Campus: Spice It Up!

Wesleyan's Public Safety Nightmare

Amherst says No to edX


Colgate Article Throws Major Shade At Hamilton

As you’ve probably heard by now, MACKLEMORE IS COMING TO HAMILTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (In case you can’t tell, I am BEYOND PUMPED.) Class and Charter Concert, May  10, 6 p.m. Turf Field. Everyone is welcome.

In this vein of inclusivity, last week Hamilton CAB Concert Coordinator Lily Reszi Rothman reached out to Colgate SGA in an attempt to establish a form of mutual publicity that would benefit both colleges. She wanted to allow more Colgate students to be aware of the Walk the Moon concert (where Macklemore was announced) this past Saturday, and Hamilton’s annual Class and Charter concert.


Tufts Responds to Latest String of Hate Crimes

Yesterday, graffiti (including swastikas and white supremacist slogans) was discovered on and around the Tufts football field. This incident comes one the heels of graffiti (reading “CUNT”) discovered on the opposite end of the Tufts campus: on signs, cars parked in outdoor campus parking lots, and cars parked immediately off-campus.


Williams Alum Drags Bowdoin’s Name Through The Mud

This past Wednesday, the National Association of Scholars released a 359-page report criticizing the academia, policies, and practices at Bowdoin College. The report was generously funded by Thomas Klingenstein, a Williams graduate.

Why, one might ask, would a wealthy suit expend money towards digging into Bowdoin’s curriculum and social dynamics? The story goes that Bowdoin President Barry Mills found himself playing a game of golf against Klingenstein. As Barry swung his iron, Klingenstein purportedly said, “I would never support Bowdoin—you are a ridiculous liberal school that brings all the wrong students to campus for all the wrong reasons.”

The only way we know this story is because it was retold in Mills’ convocation address in 2010. Klingenstein caught wind of the uncomplimentary portrait and herewith published an extensive correction piece in the “Claremont Review of Books” in which he denied all of Mills’ accusations.


Colby College Announces It Has Achieved Carbon Neutrality, Ahead of Schedule

Earlier today, Colby College announced in a press release that it has achieved carbon neutrality, the equivalent of emitting no net carbon dioxide.  This came two years before the deadline it set for itself, after more than a decade of actively greening its campus.

In its press release, Colby explained that much of the reduction of emissions came from switching to purchasing only renewable energy, in 2003, and replacing oil with sustainably harvested wood biomass for heating and hot water starting last year. Another benefit beyond reducing carbon emissions, said Vice President Douglas Terp, is that they’re “saving a lot of money burning biomass instead of oil [and] helping the Maine economy by buying locally produced fuel.”


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