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Maine Earthquake 2012

Jesse Burke Instagrams New England

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Thank you GQ

"Welcome to New England." Have you ordered your classic ‘Cac t-shirt?

Lobster traps, the Welsh way! These traps, spotted in a museum in South Wales, bring Maine to mind. Can’t wait to be back in “The Pine Tree State” soon.

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"As a native, I’m willing to take it on the chin for the state’s crimes against the republic: certain unfortunate regional accents, the term wicked, and that image of Michael Dukakis in a tank . For the state’s affection for happy-clappy bumper stickers (“no one is free when others are oppressed”) and the drivers my brother calls “Massholes”—I apologize.

Still, all the Bay State-baiting can get depressing. Especially in the recent primary season, as Mitt Romney, pummeled by charges of “Massachusetts moderate,” has run far from the state he once governed. Et tu, Mitt?

On the brighter side, though, Gov. Romney’s candidacy is an opportunity to take a closer look at the state that dare not speak its name. Through all the red mist and flying blue fur this election year, it’s worth reminding voters of a truth Romney probably won’t be emphasizing: The nation’s favorite punching bag is an exceptionally successful state.”


A Complete Idiot's Guide to Flannel

"Flannimals have been heavily hunted, particularly in the past hundred years, with a record high during the 1990s Grunge movement.

These popular, herbivorous (raw foods vegan), members of the deer family are not native to North America. Scientists assume the species originated in Scotland and then crossed the Atlantic with early explorers. They were first hunted when Leon Leonwood Bean, of mail-order catalog fame, instituted the practice in the late 1800s. According to legend, L.L. Bean fought a flannimal to the death for his first pair of fisherman’s boots.  This account is often mentioned as the origin of his famous quote: “If not for flannimals, we’d be in tough shirt.””

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"At least fifteen of the first settlers listed here are my husband’s or my direct ancestors. (There is no inbreeding like New England inbreeding!)"

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