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11 Schools, One 'Cac

Jesse Burke Instagrams New England

Courtesy of @lizheimann 

Peckin' On the Acquisition of Instagram

"Whether Instagram is worth $1 billion or not is for us to see. What we can take away from this somewhat shocking business deal is the changing attitudes towards social life/media/gadgets. Kodak is dying because of the changes in our perception on recording moments. The generation that spends more than hour a day on social media tools has changing views about the concept of time. Time is worthy, if things are done in an instant fashion. Film cameras do not fit into the life style of a generation that is now very much used to having this occur instantly. This is how the new generation likes to tackle life: instant valuing, instant sharing, instant gains and instant returns, Instagram! Not just photography, but many media tools are becoming more instant by getting added on mobile devices. Facebook invested $1 billion not just on Instagram, but also in redefining the changing concept of time within the world of technology."

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