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Colgate Article Throws Major Shade At Hamilton

As you’ve probably heard by now, MACKLEMORE IS COMING TO HAMILTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (In case you can’t tell, I am BEYOND PUMPED.) Class and Charter Concert, May  10, 6 p.m. Turf Field. Everyone is welcome.

In this vein of inclusivity, last week Hamilton CAB Concert Coordinator Lily Reszi Rothman reached out to Colgate SGA in an attempt to establish a form of mutual publicity that would benefit both colleges. She wanted to allow more Colgate students to be aware of the Walk the Moon concert (where Macklemore was announced) this past Saturday, and Hamilton’s annual Class and Charter concert.


The Onion, Double Order!

The Onion pokes fun at Hamilton this week, with a brief reference to Amherst. I personally was distracted by the brief shot of a scheduled performance by Mindy Kaling, but that is neither here nor there. (You don’t need Mindy, Hamilton, you already have Bon Jovi–kind of).

If you were offended by The Onion’s erroneous assumption that ‘Cac students would pay $5 to see a comedy hypnotist, just remember that our week in satire could be a whole lot worse.

Your move, IvyGate.


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