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11 Schools, One 'Cac

Like it's 1984

So here’s the situation: on 4/20 Wes’s campus security (P-Safe, if you want to be school specific) brought video cameras to the festivities (we told them they were on hors d’oeuvres, but you know how miscommunication goes…) The unwanted party offerings (tapas before tapes, P-safe) provoked a flurry of panic. And by panic we mean “eh”‘s, but more “eh”‘s than usual–if you know what I mean–and with slightly panicked undertones (like I turned dining’s toaster up a notch too far and burned that big kid’s bagel panic).


Shroom-fueled Naked Romp Ends in Tasering

Recent events have hinted at the fact that Wes students and alumni alike aren’t above feeling the wind on their cheeks. However, the inability to keep the Cardinal in its nest per say has left one student with a lot of explaining to do.

According to the Middletown Patch and Middletown Police arrest reports, a Wesleyan student has been charged with “second-degree criminal trespass, interfering with an officer, assault of a public safety officer, and second-degree breach of peace” after a shrooms-fueled naked romp around a local neighborhood. 

The Patch reports, “On the scene, police saw a naked man running up the hill of Jukonski’s Auto on Thomas Street toward Butternut Street and past several people enjoying Butternut Hollow Park, the report says…


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