by Mitchell Collins

beaches and bro tanks on the horizon

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"that article is bad… outdated.. i don’t like it. As an ex-lax myself I can tell you that bright colored mids (or half-calfs) are n00by, flat-brim hats have gone the way of mac miller, and board shorts are reserved for teams from new jersey. The confusion between the lax bro and the bro rape guy is also troubling. Although bros may choose dave or OAR for a tender moment seducing laxtitutes, the predominant taste in music is some combination between electro/house/dubstep, gangsta rap, and ironic pop songs. Shuffle my ipod and you might get a Porter Robinson track, followed by Young Jeezy, and then a Call Me Maybe remix. Credit to the long-stick middie reference – classic. The twitter handle @DMidProblems sums up many of the difficulties faced by the defensive midfielder. All in all, I’d say Baker has the best grasp of what lax is about (props for the reference to lacrosse’s ruling family the Stanwicks) but otherwise a sad, outdated effort."

Our blogger “McShaq” on Grantland’s TREND ALERT: Lax Bros

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That’s Bro, pronounced “Bro”