Lewiston, ME, October 2013


The sun emerged for 15 minutes, making a winter wonderland aka Bates, photographed on Sunday, Dec. 15. (Sarah Crosby/Bates College)


“I do a lot of thrift shopping and enjoy mixing styles from different eras to make a new look. It’s sort of like time travel.”

— Jeremy Mack ’16 of Brooklyn, N.Y., a double major in East Asian studies and politics, put together this outfit by grabbing the following items from his wardrobe on Dec. 12, 2013:

· Reebok Ex-O-Fit Plus Hi Basquiat Lifestyle Shoes, based on Jean-Michel Basquiat’s painting ‘Hollywood Africans”

· tie-dye shirt designed by his friend Sasha Zabotin ‘16

· MUJI flannel shirt, a gift from his father

· Seiko watch that belonged to his great-grandfather

· 1950s (he thinks) Italian leather bomber jacket purchased from NYC thrift store for $40

· cashmere scarf that belonged to his grandfather

· thrift-store hat passed on to him by a friend

· jeans and socks that shall go nameless

(Phyllis Graber Jensen/Bates College)

I’m into this


It could always be worse…at least this isn’t what #batesfinals week looks like anymore! Mid-century photo courtesy of Muskie Archives.



“I think they should put Lebanon up there.”  

— Referring to the absence of Lebanon, Maine, Suraya Atallah ‘15 of Beirut, Lebanon (right), poses for a selfie with Sara El Assaad ‘14 of Aix en Provence, France, in front of a signpost of some Maine towns that are named after foreign countries and cities. The sign appears in front of New Commons the day of the annual Harvest Dinner.

(Phyllis Graber Jensen/Bates College)


“Over the weekend we wanted to do something different, so a group of senior friends who were here over Break set up a projector in Rand Hall, where we watched “North By Northwest.” We wanted to see something a bit anachronistic – our group is like that in its character and in its dress. We like wearing suits sometimes, just for the fun of it. Suits, hats, bowties, you name it. And we like Cary Grant quite a bit. Eva Marie Saint and Cary Grant — you can’t beat that at all. “

– Andrew Carranco ’14 of Laredo, Texas, carrying a projection screen across the historic Quad

(Phyllis Graber Jensen/Bates College)


"The most special thing about being a kicker is that it’s not really a position that’s too valued during practice, but during the games it can come down to one or three points, and everyone’s hoping that you can make that point. When it comes down to the wire, I want to be that person. When the pressure’s on, I enjoy having it on my shoulders. I just love going out with my team on Saturdays and getting the job done. What it comes down to is what I do on the field applies to what I do in the classroom. I’m more focused on what’s going on around me. Kicking and real life are very similar to me. I have a good time doing both."

—  Kicker and religious studies major Charlie Donahue ‘14, of Plymouth, N.H., during varsity football practice on Garcelon Field

(Phyllis Graber Jensen/Bates College)


love this season so much


Psychology major Billy Collins ’14 of Reisterstown, Md., goes pretty much everywhere on campus with his skateboard. “First of all, I can leave for class a little bit later, hang out in Commons, eat a little more food, “he says. Skateboarding enhances his Bates experience by keeping him active. “It wakes you up before coming to class or the library. If you ever feel like you need to take a study break, relax a little bit or get your blood flowing, it’s a really nice to do a lap around campus, come back and do work. “A student in Elke Morris’ “Photo I: The Digital Image,” Collins emerged from class wearing a camera around his neck, “hoping some situation would present itself in front of me that I would be able to snap.” Instead, he met another photographer. (Phyllis Graber Jensen/Bates College)


A lightning storm illuminates Alumni Walk after a day of thunderstorms. (Mike Bradley/Bates College)


Freshman Dorm at Bates College

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Anybody need some SWEET turn-of-the-century dorm inspiration? #TBT #bates #excellent (at Bates College)


All moved in.

looks GUD


Bates College first-year students participating in the 2013 Maine Coastal Chillin’ AESOP trip at Popham Beach in Phippsburg, Maine, include Alyssa Dole ’17, Carlos Ames ’17, Gerald Nelson ’17, Tara Khanmalek Yazdi ’17, Emma Dunn ’17 and Marcus Delpeche ’17. Marc Glass/Bates College