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11 Schools, One 'Cac


Former Sports Illustrated writer, now contributor, Jack McCallum penned a great piece on the Midd, Williams, and Amherst men’s teams making the elite 8–with high praises for their cultures of scholar-athletes:

“Statistics aside, the most significant numbers attached to the three NESCAC schools are these—1, 2 and 4. That is the U.S. News ranking, respectively, of Williams, Amherst and Middlebury among national liberal arts colleges. I don’t doubt that some admission-standard compromising is necessary to build top-flight small college athletic programs, but rest assured that no jock at a NESCAC school is taking a course called, as it was memorably put in a Letterman Top 10 many years, ‘Subtraction: Addition’s Tricky Pal.’”

Give them hell in Salem guys, and may the best ‘Cac team win!

Read McCallum’s full article RIGHT HERE.  

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