For all your Fourth Plans: a solid indie mix that is (vaguely) ‘Merican themed! Some Lana, some Vampire Weekend, and even some Naked and Famous.


Eighttracks: “red, white, & blue in the sky”


"When an American says that he loves his country, he means not only that he loves the New England hills, the prairies glistening in the sun, the wide and rising plains, the great mountains, and the sea. He means that he loves an inner air, an inner light in which freedom lives and in which a man can draw the breath of self-respect."

~Adlai Stevenson

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Fourth of July round-up. Well done kids!

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(Source: inthecac)

This is nice…

Budweiser Ad Banned

A Budweiser radio advert has been banned after a listener complained it linked alcohol consumption with sexual success.

The radio advert featured an American football coach giving a motivational speech to his team before a night out with the line “Gentlemen, you were conceived on a night like tonight.”

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled the advert described a night where alcohol would be consumed, “during which the participants would have a great time, including the possibility of meeting a potential sexual partner.”
Brewers AB InBev said the ad was created to “capture the spirit of anticipation” around the “American values of optimism, free-spiritedness and a positive attitude.”