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NOOK Simple Touch With GlowLight Review: New E-Reader Lets There Be Light

"IN THE BEGINNING, when Man wanted to read from a portable digital device, he used an Electronic Ink tablet, like a Kindle, a NOOK or a Kobo. And though these Tablets were Good with Sufficient Ambient Light, in the Dark they became useless, as Man could not Read the Words without a Lamp, a Chandelier or aCumbersome Flashlight Attachment to externally Illuminate the Screen;

And then Apple created the iPad, and Amazon the Kindle Fire, with backlit LCD screens that Shone in the Dark with their Righteous Brightness. And though these heavier Devices solved the problem of reading in Darkness, when they were brought into the Sun, Man could not read the Words at all, and he strained his eyes, and Cursed the Heavens…”

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