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NY Times Mag vs. The Daily Beast: Tufts Edition

By the time most students get to college, they roundly agree that college rankings are skewed at best and arbitrary at worst (unless, of course, you go to Williams). Today in silly college rankings is a clear conflict between the Times and the Beastover Tufts. Don’t they compare notes!? We’re not hinting that the New York Times Magazine‘s “Meh List” is objective in any way, but here you go:

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 9.36.34 PM

Ouch. More meh than Strawberry Special K? That stuff isn’t just meh, it sucks. This Meh List is from the Nov. 11 issue, and it sparked numerous criticism both here and on Twitter, where Henig responded to detractors by saying, “Our extensive reporting led us to believe that it was, overall, a meh university.”

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 9.38.31 PM

But the plot thickens: When we first reported on the Meh List, we were unaware that The Daily Beast had already declared Tufts the fifth “hottest” school of the past decade! A Jumbo recently uncovered this ranking from Dec. 2009 in order to, perhaps, extricate his future alma mater from its mehness.

So did Tufts go from being “hot” to “meh” in about two years? Have the characteristically eclectic and interesting Jumbos gotten complacent? For what it’s worth, coconut-milk beverages turn out to be great hangover cures, and somehow Ohio Wesleyan University is “hotter” than the real Wes, so we call BS on both counts.

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