I never thought I would ever tire of the city of San Francisco (including all of its conveniences) and crave the raw and rural Berkshires.

There’s something to be said about a strong sense of community in Middle of Nowhere, Massachusetts over a crowded city of people too caught up in their own loneliness to notice others’ loneliness. A stranger is a “hello” away from a friend, but what difference does that make when you’re surrounded by strangers to whom “hello” is a less of a genuine greeting and more of a city-adopted verbal reflex?  It’s not wrong to crave for people to come *home* to as opposed to people with whom to go out, right? I’m eighteen, going on nineteen going on twenty going on let’s-stop-counting, and a part of me feels like my soul is prematurely aging and next thing you know, I’ll have accidentally knit a holiday sweater out of my cup of top ramen and ask for shots of prune juice to chase down Smirnoff. Clearly, I’m not doing live-fast-die-young-BAD-GIRLS-DO-IT-WELL college student right, but I’m trying and trying and trying. 

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  11. nerdchoice said: I miss Williamstown a lot right now. Sometimes I get it in my head that I’ll peace out of NY and go up there to live when I retire.
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