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No Voodoo, by Wiser Woods


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Looking Up…

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Anonymous asked:
im always tired im always bored i dont like studying i dont like to work i feel sick of it all and i want to be a part of the sky i want to vanish just like words when they get out of our mouths i want to get out of everything but it takes to long i want to die


you already are a part of the sky, youre apart of the stars and the clouds and everything. but i don’t see what the appeal is at all, because nothing is ever as special up close as you thought it was from far away, i mean u look at the stars and they are pretty from here but if u got up close they’d either be a burning ball of fire or a stanky old planet. i’d much rather be down here on the ground where u can inspect things like bugs and the little hairs on blades of grass. it’s much more interesting dont u think??

if youre tired buy some iron tablets/eat more red meat & dark greens & wholegrains. if youre bored go to a park or place you’ve never been to & just sit and listen to your surroundings and just appreciate everything for what it is!! if you get bored of that then read a book for a little while then go grab some lunch. maybe its your job that sucks, so look for a new job maybe in a bar or somewhere social, or make plans to travel so dont even think about the work that youre doing just think of saving for your trip. always remember that you don’t owe anybody anything and you can always lay on the floor and listen to your fav song if u want to